How to Upload Photos

1. Open your Group page, click on the Photos button. If you have permission to upload photos, you will see a Upload Photos button at the bottom of the page.

2. A popup box will appear. Click on the Media Library tab and select a Gallery folder where you want to upload the photos to it.

3. If necessary, you can create new or rearrange the existing folders, collections and galleries.

  • Folder: A folder can contain every type of files and collections, but no galleries.
  • Collection: A collection can contain no files. You can group several galleries into a collection.
  • Gallery: A gallery folder can only contain images.

4. Click on Upload File tab and then click Select Files button (or drag and drop) to select the files to upload.

5. After the photo files have been uploaded, you can drag and drop to adjust the order of the photos.

6. The photos will now appear on the Photo page. It will automatically reflect any changes you have made on the contents in Media Library.

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