How to Create an Account

There are two ways to create an user account in the website:

  1. Use your Gmail, Yahoo or Facebook account to register. All subsequent login to the website will be using your Gmail, Yahoo or Facebook account and its password to login. This is the preferred and faster way because you don’t need to remember another password.
  2. Create a new user account in the website.

Below are the detailed steps on how to create your account.

1. Get Registration Code from church.
2. Log in to your Gmail, Yahoo or Facebook account using a web browser.
3. Using the same web browser, open site and click on the corresponding Gmail, Yahoo or Facebook button.

4. When the following page opens, enter the registration code (obtained from church). Click on Submit button. You will then be automatically login to the site

1. Get invitation code from church.
2. Open the RHCCC Member Site ( Click on Create Your Account button.
3. A new page will open for you to create an account.

Register to create an account

4. Fill out all the required fields on the form. You must enter an valid email address because an email will be sent to this address for you to activate your account. Do not enter space or special characters on the username field.

5. Click Complete Sign Up button at the bottom. The following message will appear.

5. An email with an activation link will be sent to you, click on the link to activate your account. (Note: If you do not find the email in your Inbox, check if it appears in your Spam folder.)

6. Once your account is activated, you can login by entering your username and password. Your can either use your username or email address to login.

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